01We are experts with a proven track record.
02 We are team-players.
03 We apply methodology, careful craft and hard work. Creativity in lighting cannot be only based on talent.
04We take ownership. We are pragmatic and hands-on.
05 We deliver. On time and on budget.

Our Identity

We are an independent international lighting design firm with over a decade of experience and a proven track record of delivering diverse projects worldwide.

We believe that exceptional design isn’t just about creativity – it’s about the meticulous craft that goes into it. A successful design process must combine technical knowledge with pragmatism and hands-on execution.

Our approach

Construction industry is moving towards greater professionalism, digitization, and specialization. Integration of diverse competences is a key to translate visions into tangible solutions.

Our mission is to ensure that every lighting design we create is in harmony with the overall project. Every detail matters, and we take great pride in our ability to create lighting solutions that not only meet our clients’ needs but also enhance the overall experience of the space.

Our results

Projects must not only be creative and buildable, but they must also always meet timing and budget constraints.

Our experience, methodology, and expertise allow us to consistently deliver on time and on budget.

About the studio

SIGO, keep on in Spanish, evokes a responsible and committed figure who guides, follows, and supervises projects, as well as the work of collaborators, ensuring quality results.

It has a special meaning that reflects the family relationship and the leadership of María Asia Sierra, the founder of the studio. An acronym of her children, Siena (SI) and Vigo (GO), has been a source of inspiration for the naming.

About our founder

As executive director Maria Asia Sierra is in charge of costumer relations and manage the teams to reach deadlines. Her personal commitment and methodical mind offers personalized and high-quality projects.